AI-powered camera for plants

Timelapse Generation

Get timelapse videos on the fly

Receive timelapse videos from photos captured by Grow Cam through our Discord bot, effortlessly recording and showcasing the growth journey over time.

  • No local storage needed

    Photos are securely uploaded to and stored on Elfsys Grow Cloud when network is available, freeing you from storage limits on your phone.

  • No video editing tools needed

    Timelapse are generated directly on cloud and sent to you via our Discord bot without needing complex video editing tools.

Camera Fleet

Manage fleet of cameras remotely

Manage a fleet of Elfsys Grow Cams remotely with our Discord bot, eliminating the need to physically access each phone scattered throughout your garden.

  • View camera status and photos

  • Receive camera offline notification *

  • Update camera settings and grow system assignment remotely *

Designed for Plants

Exclusive for plant photography

Features uniquely designed for plant photography, lacked by generic timelapse solutions.

  • Anti-LED flickering

    When enabled, reduces strobe effect when capturing plants growing under LED grow lights.

Smart Monitoring

AI-powered plant monitoring

Easily manage your grow system on Elfsys Grow Cloud with the boost of camera data, enabling informed and effortless plant care.

  • Detect issue with plant health, pest and environment condition *

  • Evaluate and estimate plant growth from photos *

  • Receive notifications and recommendations from our Discord bot for any issue *

* Features currently not enabled during the current stage of beta test.
Quick Setup

Start caring in 3 steps

Setup grow system

in Elfsys Grow Cloud

Have your grow system managed by
Elfsys Grow Cloud


Setup camera

Download, activate and configure
Elfsys Grow Cam on a spare phone


Sit tight and enjoy

Get timelapse and monitoring notice
automatically from Elfsys Discord Bot


Elfsys Grow Cam Beta works on Android

iOS version will be available after beta test.